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We combine artifical intelligence and precision medicine to make healthcare applications that are fast, accurate, and accessible.

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About Us

Catalace is a suite of healthcare software applications. Catalace Platform helps oncologists make correct cancer treatment decisions, predicts the tolerance of drugs, reduces unnecessary surgeries, and improves patient health outcomes. Catalace TrialCell helps doctors, researchers, and students by creating on-demand summaries of medical journal articles.

Our software uses the following to generate conclusions:

  • Computationally efficient AI algorithms
  • Intelligent systems to parse through data
  • Weighted algorithms to synthesize multiple data formats and generate clinical outputs and next steps
Currently, Catalace Platform and Catalace TrialCell are available.
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Catalace Platform

Catalace Platform creates personalized cancer treatment plans for patients based on pathology biopsy report, blood panels, genomic information, and patient history. We combine artificial intelligence with precision medicine to generate clinical conclusions through three steps:

1. Connect to EHR

Quickly and easily integrate patient's EHR data into pipeline

2. Let Our AI and Precision Medicine Algorithms Synthesize

We perform fast and efficient reading and compiling of all inputs

3. We Give You A Treatment Plan

Based on a patient's unique characteristics and NCCN guideines, we provide a therapy and management plan

Catalace TrialCell

Catalace TrialCell creates detailed summaries of medical journal articles to help doctors, researchers, and students stay up to date on the latest medical research

Download Catalace TrialCell on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store soon!


Our team is composed of scientists with experience at various levels of healthcare who are dedicated to creating technology-driven medical solutions

Dana Joseph, MPH

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Newlyn Joseph, MD, MS

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Adrian Joseph

Lead Developer

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